Santa Monica Feminism and electronic music

October 3, 2005


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Composer and architect. Member of the Associació Catalana de Compositors, the Asociación de Mujeres en la Música and the International Alliance for Women in Music. She has collaborated on several projects concerned with women in the history of music.

AUSTROHÚNGARO (see Genís Segarra)

As a sound artiste and creative artist, since the late 1980s she has produced a wide range of experimental art, particularly in the fields of publishing, sculpture and painting. She has also combined learning with on-going professional work as a socio-cultural entertainer and executive director for both local projects (Gràcia Territori Sonor, International Festival of Experimental Music LEM 1996-2005: and European projects (EU Kaleidoscope Programme).

A producer of video-clips, he also works in the field of advertising.

Artist and curator. Works as a curator for the Office for Contemporary Art Norway/International Studio Programme Oslo.
Lectures, texts, radio programmes, installations on (electronic) music and women representation. She produced the audio-(fan)zine “XX01” for the exhibition First Story – Women Building/New Narratives For The 21st Century in Porto/Portugal in 2001. Based on this audio-zine she developed the installation “XX01/2003” at Centre d’Art Santa Mònica, Barcelona/Spain in 2003. Together with Sonja Eismann she did the text and installation “Re-Punk Electronic Music!“ as one part of the hub Sonic Scapes at the 3rd berlin biennial for contemporary art, February-April 2004, in Berlin/Germany. Christiane Erharter was born 1974 in Austria. She studied art and art theory at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna/Austria. Took a post-graduate course in Critical Studies at the Malmö Art Academy/Lund University in Malmö/Sweden.

Barcelona lesbian group of DJs that has managed to fill a gap in the women’s scene. Set up in spring 2002 in a small place called 3D in the Gràcia district of Barcelona, it has taken over from the veteran girls of the Fes-lu group that had been organising parties for over 10 years. They are currently responsible for the programme at Muziclub Pigalle (Balmes 90, Barcelona)

She has a Ph.D. in Geography and History – Musicology from the Universitat de Barcelona (1997).
Currently lecturing at the Department of Musicology of the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya.

Music critic and musician. Contributes regular articles to various trend magazines such as Suite. She is also a member of Las Dolores music group.

Member of the Chicks on Speed group from Berlin and of the Chicks on Speed record company. The three components of the group met each other at art school, and what began as an artistic project has turned into a rock group, a fashion icon and a music label.

+nurse+’s tonal weaving cannot be separated from her textile craftsmanship. Mixer and silk-screen printer, this nurse thinks as much as she bandages, questions as much as she appeases. Musicotherapy and poultice. On cotton or nylon background, she recycles motifs, superimposes images – layer after layer – to the very limit of legibility. On vinyl background, her tonal vanilla slices bang genres together, cover tracks and play dialectic between feathers and lead, between pink and black. In both mediums +nurse+ handles materials with highly inflammable symbolism: printed slogans vs. ill-treated national anthems.

Founder and co-director of Advanced Music and of the Sònar festival since 1994. He was a member of groups such as Hidraulics and Jumo, a collaborator in artistic projects by Rhinos and Marcel·li Antunez and a producer of Peanut Pie. radio y tv riereta
A multichannel radio-TV net that operates with free software tools. It broadcasts music and video under creative commons and copyleft licences, producing an extensive archive of audiovisual and documentary works.

A phone-in radio station that gives air space to a multiplicity of identities, voices, thoughts, actions and presences of women around the world, in an attempt to overcome the broadcaster-receiver dichotomy and to allow any woman to become a producer of discourses in the medium of radio. A sounding box for the women’s movement and for women in movement, which contributes to the creation and continuation of a female discourse based on dialogue and diversity.

Artist, writer and cultural producer, since 1995 she has been working on projects concerned with the social development of the body and identity/identities, the imaginary of women in relation to work, and ways of constructing the collective and personal memory, basically through video and writing.
Among her most recent work is the video-essay “ethics of care” (1999) and the documentaries “La memoria interior” (2002), “tiempo real” (2003) and “Ficciones anfibias” (2005). She is currently living in Barcelona, where she teaches in the Department of Design and Image at the Universitat de Barcelona.

Member organisor of the Ladyfest Festival Spain (Madrid, October 28 – 30, where she curates talks and workshops among other things. She is part also of the Djs Girls Spin the Hits and collaborates to the music review Rock de Lux and the fanzine Fempunk.

A member of the Hidrogenesse and Astrud groups that founded the Austrohúngaro record label. His work with Hidrogenesse includes Gimnàstica passiva (2002), and examples of his work with Astrud are Performance (2004), Gran fuerza (2001) and Mi fracaso personal (1999).

A music group set up in March 2005 in Barcelona comprising Dr. Ritmo El chico de la moto, Tejero Molina, El Trompetólogo, Ms. Chaning and La Leoparda de Rekalde.

Journalist specialising in music, with a Master’s degree in Radio Business Management. Co-Director of ScannerFM, he is also presenter of “Sona9” on Catalunya Ràdio, presenter and scripwriter of the “Sputnik” programme on the Catalan TV3 channel, and announcer, technician and producer of “Los 40 Principales” (SER radio), among other jobs.

Group formed of Padi, Rocio and Lu. Their “Mermelada de Tomate” has made them one of the leading exponents of Spanish indie rock.

Multimedia producer, writer, educator, sound mixer, DJ and owner of the Comatonse Recordings label.
His work combines critical comment on the subject of identity policy – including variables such as sex, sexuality, class, language, ethnicity and race – with on-going criticism of the socio-economics of the output of the conventional media.
He currently lives in Kawasaki, Japan.

Politologist by training, singer by vocation, and follower of new technologies as a hobby. She is a member of the psycho-musical group La Màquina de Turing and works with other music creators. She plays an active part in the independent creative art groups and spaces, Telenoika, Costellam and Essència. A member of the editorial team of Barcelona Indymedia and of KaoXX, where she focuses on women’s relationship with technology.

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